The Great Buddha+

June 16, 2019
2:00 pm
The Great Buddha+
Taiwan Film Festival Berlin 2019 by Impression Taiwan

2017, 104 Min, OV w/ sub(eng)
Genre: Drama/Black Humor
Director: HUANG Hsin-yao
Screenwriters: HUANG Hsin-yao
Cast: Cres CHUANG, Bamboo CHEN, Leon DAI

Two struggling misfits, a night security guard at a Buddha statue factory and his recyclable-collecting friend, enjoy cheap pleasures in the grey guardroom by peeking at dashcam footages that document the colorful private life of the factory owner, until they discover a dark secret they cannot handle. A sharp black comedy with a surrealistic touch, “The Great Buddha+” bitterly satirizes the local corrupt politics, the religious hypocrisy, and the cruel barrier between the rich and the poor. Taiwan has selected the film as its contender in the foreign-language category of the Oscars for 2019.

【Special Event】
• Skype Q&A section with the director
• After screening Meetup – Free Taiwanese snacks are offered

2017 Golden Horse Awards – 5 awards winning includes “Best New Director”, “Best Adapted Screenplay“, “Best Cinematography“, “Best Original Film Score“, “Best Original Film Song“ and 5 nominations.
2017 Toronto International Film Festival – “NETPAC Award”
2018 Hong Kong Film Awards – “Best Film From Mainland & Taiwan”
2017 Taipei Film Awards – “Grand Prize”, “Best Narrative Feature”, “Outstanding Artistic Contribution Awards: Music, Editing, Art Direction”

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