Lokah Laqi

2016, 90 Min, OmU (eng&chi)
Genre: Drama / Youth
Director: Laha Mebow
Screenwriters: Laha Mebow
Cast: Albee HUANG, KAO Inn-Chen, WU Han-Yei, LIN Chen-Hao

This film captures the story of three kids who grew up in an isolated tribe of mountains. They are innocent, playful and have to be very optimistic, even though troubled by their own family issues. The teacher, Lawa, with disabilities opened an after-school session to help them to do their schoolwork. For the children, her generous love is like a ray shone on them. One day, kids found a tape of their teacher’s recording with her amazing voice. They decided to bring this tape to Taipei… What aspirations will this journey bring to all of their lives?

2016 Taipei Film Festival – Best Director, Best Feature Film
2016 Italy Giffoni Film Festival – CIAL Prize for environment

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