2014, 185 Min, OmU (eng&chi)
Genre: Drama / Sport / History
Director: Umin Boya
Screenwriters: Ruby CHEN, WEI Te-Sheng
Cast: TSAO Yu-Ning, Masatoshi NAGASE, Takao OSAWA, Maki SAKAI, Togo IGAWA

To such a group of farmer boys as the KANO team, “Koshien”, Japan’s high school baseball championship, was a goal far beyond their reach. In 1928 when Taiwan was under Japanese rule, the KANO baseball team started out simply as a club to improve the students’ physique. However, Coach Kondo, giving extremely rigorous training, would completely transform them. The best use of the team’s multiethnic composition led the dream tiled. They were highly motivated. The mind to win got stronger even after numerous defeats. This determination drove them to win the local championship and proudly march into Koshien. But this was not the end. How would they face the strongest opposing team in the final? What would they do when their ace pitcher got wounded?

2014 Golden Horse Awards – Best Feature Film (nomination)
2014 Golden Horse Awards – Audience Choice Award
2014 Osaka Asian Film Festival – Audience Choice Award
2014 Taipei Film Festival – Audience Choice Award

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