May 5, 2019
Producer: YANG Li-chou

2017, 99 Min, OmU (eng)
Genre: Dokumentarfilm
Director: YANG Li-chou
Executive produced: HOU Hsiao-hsien
Cast: CHEN Hsi-huang

Directed by one of the most renowned documentary filmmakers in Taiwan, Yang Li-chou, and spanning ten years of shooting, “Father” is an intimate portrait of the budaixi (“glove puppetry”) master Chen Hsi-huang. As he and his troupe urge to preserve this traditional performance art and its challenging techniques, Master Chen couldn’t quite escape from the shadow of his father, the legendary budaixi maestro Li Tien-lu, who past away in the late 90’s. A life inseparable from his hand-made glove puppets has become a life inseparable from his father’s legacy. Is he still on the search for himself at the age of 88, while budaixi, the puppet theater that embodies the history of Taiwan, is withering in this era of digital entertainment?

2018 Hong Kong International Film Festival – Best Feature Film
2017 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

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