Alifu, The Prince/ss

2017, 97 Min, OmU (eng&chi)
Genre: Drama / Queer
Director: WANG Yu-lin
Screenwriters: WANG Yu-lin, HSU Hua-chien, Juliana HSU, HUA Bai-rong, CHEN Hui-ling
Cast: Utjung Tjakivalid, CHAO Yi-lan, WU Pong-fong, Bamboo CHEN, CHENG Jen-shuo

Based on a true story, Alifu, the Prince/ss is a film that crosses boundaries of gender and race in Modern Taiwan. Alifu is a young Paiwan man who is to become the chief of the Paiwan tribe. However, the young heir’s real dream is a sex reassignment surgery, which would contradict the tradition of his aboriginal roots. During the day Alifu works in a hair salon in Taipei where his lesbian colleague/roommate gradually falls for him. When night falls, he works in a drag bar where he grows affection for a cross-dresser named Chris. Will Alifu be emancipated through the chaos of love and still manage to find a way to his tribal roots?

2017 Taipei Film Festival – Best New Talent, Utjung Tjakivalid
2017 Golden Horse Awards – Best Supporting Actor, Bamboo Chen
2017 Golden Horse Awards – Best Original Screenplay (nomination)

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