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|The dialogue between the Taiwanese islanders and Berlin |

Founded in 2017, with the great passion for Taiwanese films and the deep nostagie for our lovely country, we are a group of Taiwanese living in Berlin. We self-organized the 《Taiwan Film Festival Berlin》to introduce the appealing Taiwanese culture and the creations of Taiwanese film makers to Berliners. We would love to bring our unique culture to the another end of the globe and share with you in Berlin through the power of art.

2018, 《 Taiwan Film Festival Berlin – Impression x Taiwan》team held the first 《Taiwan Film Festival Berlin》and started the dialogue debut between Taiwanese islanders and Berliners. This year, 2019, with the effort of passionate volunteers around the world to co-organize the festival, we selected 6 fantastic Taiwanese movies and we sincerely invite you to discover the wonderland of Taiwanese films with us at Kino Central Berlin in May.

The 6 selected films cover different aspects of modern Taiwan society issues and human nature. The films are:


《The Great Buddha+》

IMDB 7.6/10 , Rotten Tomato Tomatometer 88%
• 2017 Taipei Golden Horse Awards – 6 awards winning includes “Best New Director”, “Best Art Direction”, “Best Original Film Song“, “Best Adapted Screenplay”, “Best Cinematography”, “ Best Original Film Score” and 5 nominations.
• 2017 Toronto International Film Festival – “NETPAC Award”
• 2018 Hong Kong Film Awards – “Best Film From Mainland & Taiwan”
• 2017 Taipei Film Awards – “Grand Prize”, “Best Narrative Feature”, “Outstanding Artistic Contribution Awards: Music, Editing, Art Direction”



IMDB 7.8/10 , Rotten Tomato audience score 89%
• 2014 Osaka Asian Film Festival – “Audience Award”
• 2014 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – “ Audience Choice Award”, “FIPRESCI Prize”


《Black Bear Forest》

6 years of shooting, 《Black Bear Forest》brings you into the stunning beautiful mountains of Formosa Taiwan to discover the trace of endangered Taiwanese black bears.


《Lokah Laqi》

IMDB 7.3/10
• 2016 Taipei Film Award –”Grand Prize”, “Best Narrative Feature Award”, “Best Director”, “Best New Talent”, “Best Editing Award”, “Audience’s Choice Awards”
• 2016 Giffoni Film Festival–“Premio CIAL per l’ambiente”
• 2016 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival – “BIFAN Children’s Jury Award”


《Alifu, the Prince/ss》

The journey of a Taiwanese aboriginal young man wishes to become a real woman. The film reveals the inner struggle of “Alifu” who faces the dilemma between realizing his dream of being a woman and inheriting the traditional tribe chief crown. The movie discusses the transgenders situation and gender identity in Taiwan.



Shooting throughout 10 years, 《Father》recorded the lost traditional art craft of Taiwanese Glove Puppetry. The Glove Puppetry Master – Mr. Xi Huang, Chen, inherited the glove puppetry skill from his father – the legendary Taiwanese Glove Puppetry master – Mr. Tian Lu, Lee. The films discussed the complicated father-son relationship and the declining Taiwanese Glove Puppetry performance art.
• 2018 Hong Kong International Film Festival – “Best Feature Film”
• 2017 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – Avant-Première


To make this film festival happen, we use crowdfunding on FlyingV and we call for your support. In order to deliver our appreciation, we will send you film festival souvenirs in return. To sponsor us, please visit flyingV crowdfunding page:

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