Fight for Justice 進擊之路

Photos | 14.July.2018 | Fight for Justice 進擊之路

Photo credit: 張瑀庭


Relationship between “Fight for Justice” and Berlin | Fight for Justice 進擊之路

“Fight for Justice” took the director Su Che-Hsien three years after his previous work “Hip-Hop Storm,” which was awarded the Best Documentary of Golden Horse Film Festival in 2010. This new work illustrates how four human rights lawyers fight for…


OST 《Fight for Justice》 | Fight for Justice 進擊之路

The postlude, “Fight for justice” properly interprets the struggles which these justice fighters face. The lyrics shows the anger, exhaustion, and self-questions during the process of fighting. Although it is like an endless journey, we need to “keep walking” till…


Legal system between Taiwan and Germany | Fight for Justice 進擊之路

“The legal system in Taiwan was firstly influenced by the Japanese colonization. After seven constitutional revisions since 1990, Taiwan’s Constitution finally began to break away from the constitutional structure established when the Nationalist government retreated to Taiwan during Chinese Civil…


Intro of two lawyers – Handy Chiu & Essen Lee | Fight for Justice

It is the social movements in Taiwan that the documentary Fight for Justice shows deep concern for; however, it starts with a fighting scene in Germany. As it turns out, one of the main characters, Handy Chiu, has studied in…

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