The Receptionist     

Background introduction to “The Receptionist”

According to “The international migration report 2017” published by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, there are 258 million immigrants worldwide currently. Eurostat indicates that since the number of births and deaths has been basically equal, the increasing…



From now on 

Background Introduction to “From Now On”

Taiwan is situated in the West Pacific Ocean; its area is somewhere between the size of Belgium and the Netherlands. Plate tectonics formed its unique topography and geological conditions, which in turn shaped one of the most vibrant natural landscape…




My uncle’s TATALA 

Background Introduction to “My Uncle’s TATALA”

Before the Han people immigrated to Taiwan in 17th century, there had been indigenous residents living in Taiwan for around 8,000 years. Currently, there are 16 major groups recognized officially. In fact, all the tribes in the main island of…


Partners in Crime

Background Introduction to “Partners in Crime”

Director Jung-chi Chang, winner of the 49th Golden Horse Award for the best new director, was nominated for the Generation Unit of the Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Berlinale) by the film “ Touch of the Light”. To keep an eye on…


Fight for Justice


Background Introduction to “Fight For Justice”

  1990 in Taiwan In the 1990s, Taiwanese authors begin to write books about social issues and philosophy. Meanwhile, numerous publishing houses retranslate several important classics including ”Essai sur les privileges” by Sieyès and ”L’Etranger” by Camus. 1996 to 2013…


The Last Painting


Background Introduction to “The Last Painting”

The Last Painting participated in the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam and won the Best Film Awards in the 10th Cines del Sur, an international film festival in Granada in Spain, and the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles Chinese…


The Silent Teacher


Background Introduction to “The Silent Teacher”

Perhaps inspired by Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, most Taiwanese keep the corpses intact until the end of funerals. Even though Human Autopsy Act was amended in 1984 to raise the Taiwanese public awareness of body donation and the educational faculties…


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